Fun Dive


Villa Magdalena diving staff offers diving which let you discover variety of sean in Anilao.

For biginners, we offer training and advices to become skilled diver. For those who wants fish waching, we prepare some books and good pointing under water guide. For those who wants adventurous diving, we will chose nice current site like Bajura. 

Since we know the sea in Anilao very much, we could arrange a good diving plan for you.

Dive schedule a day is like this.

Passed 8:00 Gather at Villa Magdalena  
8:30 Diving boat departs for 2 dive. (No come back to the resort. Surface intervals at near dive sites.) 
Around 2:00 pm. Afternoon diving boat departs. 1 or 2 dive.
Late afternoon. Sunset dive or Night dive on request.

We will arrange individual schedule. For your inquiry,contact to us.

One Boat dive 1600PHP/a diver    
 *Minimum 2 dive in the morning. You can chose afternoon optional diving. If no guest shares a diving boat and you are alone, additional 700PHP for single charge that makes boat dive fee 2300PHP/a dive.

Dive pass(Environmental conservation tax) 200PHP/a Day/a diver

Due to typhoon, strong wave might doesn’t allow us to depart from the front of the resort, in that case, we will move to calm shore by using Jeepny. The rental cost of jeepny should be decided by all the divers who use.

 price list    
 Fun Dive    
  Boat Fun dive   1,600PHP(Tank, Weight, Boat fee, Guide fee included)
  Discover SCUBA / Intro diving   3,000PHP(Shore 2dives)
  Environmental conservation tax (Dive pass)   200PHP/a day/a diver
  Full Gear Rental   800PHP/a day
  BCD Rental   300PHP/a day
  Regulator Rental   300PHP/a day
  Mask+Snorkel Rental   150PHP/a day
  Boots Rental   100PHP/a day
  Fins Rental   100PHP/a day
  Wet suites Rental   200PHP/a day
  Nitrox tank   300PHP/tank